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The miraculous moment when a human starts walking instead of crawling is closely related with the idea of recognition of his or her body and trusting it. These first steps are the initial transition in which they become individuals who wonder question and explore by controlling their own bodies and their physical activities, are the most meaningful steps to the freedom.We, too, took our first steps without forgetting these ideas, in a very tiny atelier. By learning that bad experiences are indeed the most valuable gain in this process, we continued to design and manufacture shoes, to tirelessly start over when there is a vast distance between the reality and our imagination, to start over hundred times to achieve the most perfect form of a single model.*Because of this, you will find elegant, exclusive and unique designs/models that are tested numerously in Spica Dance Shoes.For us, the process has always been priority, rather than the result since the more you bear the hardships in this process, the better the result becomes and the more meaningful this achievement becomes. The main cause of these hardships in the process was our perception of shoe making as a profession which is based on the manual labor and the craftsman-apprentice relationship in an era where automation has developed so fast that products are sold at the moment they are made.*Because of this, the shoes manufactured in Spica Dance Shoes ateliers are not one of the millions, but the one among the millions which is UNIQUE and SPECIAL for you.For us, mastering on a specific issue means deep focusing which will bring along quality in long term. In this business which we started with an amateur spirit, point in which we are utmost hypercritical and neat, the most remarkable difference from the other manufacturers is that we are producing ORTOPHEDIC dance shoes and the heel angle in our shoes are PATENTED. An ideal dance shoe must have 40 degree orthopedic angle, must fill the foot well and distribute the weight to heel and toes effectively. In this way, the weight will always be maintained at the right spot and balance loss will not be experienced since the center weight remains intact.*Because of this, Spica Dance Shoes is a company which manufactures ONLY dance shoes, devotes itself to producing visually strong and orthopedical dances shoes, always utilizes its self-resources to achieve better feats.REMEMBER. every high-heeled shoe is not dance shoes. Regardless of the fact that you are dancing in an beginner or professional level, you must be sure that the dance shoes will help you dance in balance and comfort. For us, the most pleasing comment from you is the comments of those who have never worn a dance shoes, or even a high-heeled shoe before, about how they fell balanced, comfortable and free as if they are dancing bare foot.Because of this, for Spica Dance Shoes, COMFORT and BALANCE is more important than designOur company's mission is to be an AGENCY between you and our shoes. In this mission, How to provide better and faster service to you was the most important question in our mind. The number of people who we make contented or people who we solved their problems, has always been more important than the number of shoes we sold.* Because of this, in Spica Dance Shoes, customers are considered valuable and important not until the product is bought but also after the trade. For us, the process after selling the products is more delicate and fragile. This is one of the reasons why you feel close to us as if you are acquainted with us for a long time. 

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