·         Dance is an activity which requires high performance and using dance shoes with proper design and orthopedics is extremely important for your health and dance performance.

·         With dance shoes, you can prevent possible injuries by minimizing the loss of balance during dancing

·         Dance shoes are produced to be sensitive to the weight transfer and sudden jolts during the movements which require high efforts. In this way, you feel more comfortable with dance shoes.

·         An ideal dance shoe must have 40 degree orthopedic angle, must fill the footwell and distribute the weight to heel and toes effectively. In this way, the weight will always be maintained at the right spot and balance loss will not be experienced since the center weight remains intact.

·         Dance shoes which do not fill the footwall and do not have the proper orthopedic angle may cause Achilles tendon, ankle, knee and waist injuries.

·         Dance shoes provide extra self-confidence to dancers with their gliding and gripping features.

·         When choosing your dance shoes, make sure they squeeze your feet a little bit since they will gradually get flexed and fit into your feet's shape.

·         For ladies, thin heels maintain a glorious view but in dances with high tempo such as Salsa, they may cause balance loss and breakage of heel during spinning.

·         Many ladies who start dancing think that they can dance with their casual high-heeled shoes. This is very wrong. The fact that a shoe has high heels does not mean that it is a dance shoe. Because a dance shoe's heel has specific angles, design and height. So, a causal (high-heeled) shoe cannot be considered as a dance shoe. A dance shoe's function is not only to look artistic but also to make you comfortable during dancing.

·         Nowadays, many casual shoe makers have started to produce dance shoes according to the development of this sector and demand. However, many companies produce casual shoes which resemble to dance shoes since they are covered with suede instead of investing in the proper infrastructure for dance shoe producing. So, when buying dance shoes, you should know the proper features of a dance shoe and prefer brands that are only selling dance shoes if possible.

·         Dance shoes should be completely appropriate for dancing with its heel, angle, and template.

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