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  • Introducing the Hydra HV13-ÇD13, the perfect dance shoe for women who love to dance bachata and kizomba. This stylish and comfortable shoe is designed with a platform sole to provide stability and support while dancing. The sleek and elegant design is perfect for performances and social dancing alike. The Hydra HV13-ÇD13 features a secure ankle strap to ensure a snug fit and prevent any slips or discomfort while moving. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned dancer, these shoes are a must-have for your dance wardrobe. Turn heads on the dance floor with the Hydra HV13-ÇD13 and dance with confidence and style.

    Hydra HV013-ÇD13

    SKU: HV13-ÇD13
    200,00 €Price

      * Light Pink

      * Leather & Mesh

      * Genuine Leather Lining

      * Suede Sole



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