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Introducing the Halley HS06-F06, the perfect woman high heels dance shoes for your next performance! Made from sleek and stylish red suede material, these shoes are both comfortable and flexible, allowing for effortless movement on the dance floor. The cushioned insole provides support and comfort, while the high heel design elongates the legs and adds an elegant touch to your dance ensemble. With a secure and adjustable strap, you can dance with confidence knowing your shoes will stay in place. Whether you're a professional dancer or just hitting the dance floor for fun, the Halley HS06-F06 is the ideal choice for stylish and comfortable performance footwear.

Halley HS06-F06

SKU: HS06-F06
175,00 €Price
  • * Red

    * Suede & Mesh

    * Genuine Leather Lining

    * Suede Sole

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