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  • Introducing the Carina CG01-S01, the perfect dance shoe for the glamorous and elegant lady. Designed specifically for salsa and latin dance, these shoes are adorned with glitter for a touch of sparkle on the dance floor. The sleek and stylish design, with a secure ankle strap and a comfortable heel height, ensures stability and support during those intense dance moves. The soft insole provides cushioning for long hours of dancing, while the durable outsole offers flexibility and traction. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned pro, the Carina CG01-S01 will elevate your performance and leave a lasting impression with its dazzling appeal.

    Carina CG01-S01

    SKU: CG01-S01
    150,00 €Price

      * Black

      * Satin & Glitter

      * Genuine Leather Lining

      * Suede Sole



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