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  • The Alya AV12-P12 is a stunning and stylish choice for any woman looking for a shimmering and elegant dance shoe. This sleek and chic salsa shoe is designed with the perfect combination of style and functionality, making it ideal for any glamorous night out on the dance floor. The shoe features a comfortable and secure ankle strap, ensuring that you can dance the night away without any fear of slipping or discomfort. The sparkling exterior of the shoe will undoubtedly catch the light and make you shine as you move and groove to the salsa beat. Whether you're a seasoned dancer or just getting into the world of salsa, the Alya AV12-P12 is the perfect choice for adding a touch of glamour to your dance wardrobe.

    Alya AV12-P12

    SKU: AV12-P12
    150,00 €Price

      * Gold

      * Leather & Glitter

      * Genuine Leather Lining

      * Suede Sole



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